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Discover the Fun with Choice™ Kids’ Cup: The Perfect Addition for Young Guests

Choice™ Kids’ Cup w/Lid & Straw – 12 oz., Mexican Theme – Item # KCT250MT

Engaging and Practical: Ideal for Restaurants, Parties, and Daily Use

Larsen Supply Co. is excited to introduce the Choice™ Kids’ Cup, a delightful and practical solution for serving drinks to your younger guests. This 12 oz. cup, adorned with a vibrant Mexican theme, is not just a beverage container but a fun experience for kids.

Key Features of the Choice™ Kids’ Cup:

  • Fun and Colorful Design: Printed with engaging, colorful imagery that complements our Full-Color Placemats, making mealtime more enjoyable for children.
  • Spill-Minimizing Lid: Comes with a tight-fitting lid that significantly reduces the risk of spills, providing a stress-free experience for parents and staff.
  • Convenient Flexi-Straw: Includes a disposable flexi-straw, perfect for easy sipping.
  • Disposable and Hygienic: The cup is paper-wrapped, ensuring hygiene and easy cleanup.
  • Perfect Size for Kids: The 12 oz. size is ideal for little hands, making it easy for children to hold and drink from.

Uses for the Choice™ Kids’ Cup:

  • Restaurants and Cafés: Enhance your family dining experience by offering these cups to young diners.
  • Birthday Parties and Events: Add a splash of color and fun to kids’ parties and events.
  • Daily Home Use: Perfect for parents who want a convenient, spill-minimizing solution for their children’s beverages.
  • Educational Settings: Great for schools and daycare centers during mealtime or special events.

About Larsen Supply Co.

Larsen Supply Co., a leader in supplying quality products for diverse needs, is proud to offer the Choice™ Kids’ Cup as part of our commitment to enhancing customer experience. We understand the importance of practical, yet fun solutions for families and businesses alike.

Bring Joy to Your Young Guests!

Ready to delight your little customers? Click here to purchase the Choice™ Kids’ Cup w/Lid & Straw – 12 oz., Mexican Theme from Larsen Supply Co. Embrace the blend of fun and functionality in your establishment today!

For bulk orders or further details about our range of kid-friendly products, contact Larsen Supply Co. We’re dedicated to helping you create a memorable experience for your youngest guests.

Choice™ Kids' Cup


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